Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before signing up or making an order. ACC reserves
the right to amend these member terms and conditions anytime, with or without prior notice to customers (hereon
referred to as “ACC Members” or “Members”). As an ACC Member, it is your responsibility to know and
periodically update yourself on these terms and conditions so as to fully understand your member rights and privileges.

1. Membership
1.1 Application for ACC membership is open to anyone. However, approval of membership is subject to the discretion of the management of Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
1.2 The management of Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd. has the right to decline any individual Member status or to terminate a Member's membership at its discretion without prejudice.
1.3 Individuals who wish to join ACC as a Member must first complete the online registration form on the ACC website ( /
1.4 Each ACC member is entitled to only 1 account (Online Member Account).
1.5 No registration fee requires. But a Cash Advance Deposit must be paid up before the order send for printing. (For details in making Payment or Reloading Cash Advance, please refer to clause #3. Payment / Depositing (Reloading) Cash Advance).
1.6 Newly registered ACC Members will be given an official Member Code in order to make order transactions with
ACC. This Member Code is non-transferable and is restricted to non-Members or other registered Members.
1.7 Members may terminate their membership at any time, and the balance in their account are not refundable. As proof, all requests for termination of membership must be in writing and mailed to Advance Cell Corporation Sdn Bhd.
1.8 ACC membership will be auto terminate if the member account are inactive (do not have any transaction orders) for 2 years.

2. Ordering / Operations
2.1 All printing of ACC products will be solely undertaken by ACC or its appointed vendor. ACC Members are restricted from submitting any order for an ACC product to another printer/lithographer.
2.2 ACC Members are solely responsible for their own customers including any transaction such as payment collection.
2.3 ACC does not accept direct order(s) from Members' customers.
2.4 All orders must be submitted online.
2.5 ACC reserves the right to reject any order that does not comply with the standard product specifications for output set by ACC and stated in the members’ handbook and ACC website.
2.6 Once a member submits an order to ACC, it is considered a purchase. Once an order is in process stage (after
filtering/file checking stage) it cannot be cancelled or changed. Members who wish to cancel an order before the process stage will be charged a cancellation handling fee. This handling fee will be automatically deducted from the cash advance available in member's Online Member Account. Should there be insufficient funds in that member's account for deduction, that member will be prohibited from placing future orders as well as lose all membership privileges until the outstanding sum is paid up in full. Failure to do, ACC reserves the right to terminate that member’s membership without giving any notice and forfeit the balance of cash advance in that member’s account. That member will also be barred from re-registering/rejoining.
2.7 Order will not be processed if printing fee due exceeds the available funds in Member's account. Should this happen, Member is required to top-up (reload) cash advance in order to proceed with the order.
2.8 ACC provides printing services to its Members only.
2.9 ACC will not provide colour proofing or proofreading services. However, we do provide Contract Proofing which is an optional service.
2.10 The ACC Member Account is updated daily and Members can trace and print the statement of account from the Member Web Page.
2.11 ACC shall take legal action to prosecute any Member whom we suspect of making fraud deposits/payments to us. We shall also terminate that member’s membership and bar him/her from further use of our services.
2.12 For Cash Member who order Courier Name Card, should write the courier delivery method in the remark column due to Cash Member only allow for Own Collect by system.

3. Payment / Depositing (Reloading) Cash Advance
3.1 As ACC uses a prepaid system, orders will be debited from Member's cash advance. ACC Members must fax a copy of the bank deposit slip or funds transfer printout with note the company/user name upon paying depositing cash advance (for payment method through bank deposit or online interbank funds transfer only). All deposited cash advances must tally to reload amount that member has indicated in Reload Page.
3.2 Cash Advance Reload methods:
(i) CASH BANK-IN to ADVANCE CELL CORPORATION SDN. BHD. and deposited into ACC bank account at CIMB Bank: 8600 13 1277.
(ii) CHEQUE made payable to ADVANCE CELL CORPORATION SDN. BHD. and deposited into ACC bank account at CIMB Bank: 8600 13 1277.
(iv) Pay by cash or cheque direct to ACC counter(walk-in).
3.3 Activation of an ACC Member Account is subject to ACC management approval and successful clearance
of cheque or cash deposit or funds transfer verification by the bank.
3.4 Minimum cash advance to reload:(depend on member type)
i) Cash Member = Total amount of final price of the transaction order.
ii) M300 Member = RM300. Incremental in RM300s (ie. +RM300, +RM600, +RM900, +RM1200, +RM1500, etc.).
iii) VIP5K = RM5,000. Incremental in RM5,000s (ie. +RM5,000, +RM10,000, +RM15,000, +RM20,000, etc.).
3.4.a For reloads using cash or cheque deposit or interbank funds transfer, Members are required to fax the bank-in receipt/statement to ACC as proof of deposit.
3.5. ACC will provide a receipt for your Cash Advance Reload/Deposit.
3.6. Member's deposit of cash advance will be forfeited automatically if the ACC Member Account is inactive for more than two year from the last transaction.
3.7 Any balance in an ACC Member Account is non refundable upon termination of membership by member. In this case, all requests for termination of membership by either party must be in writing.

4. Pricing / Delivery
4.1 All product prices are based on full colour offset printing.
4.2 Free delivery is only for M300 and VIP5K member’s standard delivery.
4.2a Only listed postal code area are entitle to free delivery service.
4.2b Courier Name Card’s prices are inclusive delivery charges. All member include cash member are entitled to place order.
4.3 Exact reprints will be charged at the same price.
4.4 Services, products and pricing are subject to change from time to time.
4.5 All goods are delivered to ACC Members by ACC's appointed courier service company, or ACC’s deliverymen.
4.6 ACC will not liaise with any customer on Member's behalf.
4.7 ACC will only entertain requests for rushed deliveries through its optional Rush Order service. For special arrangements, Members are required to write in or call Customer Service with their enquiry. Additional charges will be charge for Rush Order.
4.8 ACC will only provide free ‘standard’ delivery to addresses according to the region of Member’s membership address, (i.e. West Malaysia members enjoy free delivery in West Malaysia only).
4.9 All goods will be delivered directly to ACC Members or collected from the ACC premise.
4.10 Goods delivered to ACC Members are packed according to ACC’s standard packing and with printed samples attached on the outside. Once goods have left our premises, they are no longer the responsibility of Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd. If there are any discrepancies in the print quality or quantity of goods, Members are advised to call the ACC Customer Service to lodge a complaint.
4.11 All goods need to be collect within one month, any goods failed to collect by customer after one month will be send for recycle, and customer cannot claim for reprint or refund.

5. Artwork File Preparation / Transfer
5.1 All artworks should be saved into individual files and according to each order.
5.2 All artworks must be sent to ACC through the Internet. Please download artwork specifications from our website to learn how to prepare file for uploading.
5.3 Due to the different colour displays on various monitors, printed colour of end product may differ from what appears on screen. Therefore ACC will not be responsible for colour discrepancies in the end product as a result of member’s reliance on the said colour displays instead of ACC’s CMYK Colour Reference manual to set his/her
colours for output.
5.4 ACC uses international colour measurement standards (densitor) and has a process colour combination tolerance of ± 0.10 density. While we do not guarantee exact colour match of your artwork or reprints.
5.5 To avoid delays or inconveniences, ACC Members are advised to check that their artworks comply with all ACC standard specifications, setting and format.
5.6 Unless otherwise stated or informed, Members are required to make the necessary corrections to the errors on their artwork file as reported. ACC will not accept responsibility for any consequences that may arise as the result of Member’s failure to make the necessary corrections before output.
5.7 In the event ACC detects that Member’s submitted artwork for printing does not comply with ACC artwork setting standards:
5.7.1 If Member insists on proceeding to print without making recommended corrections highlighted by our Customer service, Member does so at his/her risk. ACC cannot be held responsible for outcome of printout.
5.8 If a Member makes an error while placing his/her order, for example: accidentally submitting the same order twice, that Member must call to inform ACC Customer Service immediately. ACC will not be responsible for any consequences arising from that Member's failure to inform customer service immediately.
5.9 ACC cannot be held liable for any consequences in the event an artwork error goes undetected.
5.10 Artwork sent must be in a single layout. Any imposing of the artwork will be done by ACC.
5.11 No changes can be made to the artwork once submitted to ACC for printing.
5.12 ACC Members are required to resend artwork for every repeat order.
5.13 ACC is not responsible for Member's copyright infringement of artwork content.
5.14 ACC will not print jobs that contain offensive literature or images.
5.15 Please do not choose overprint as the colour of the final artwork. It may be different from the artwork design.
5.16 Please do not choose any special transparency. It may/may not be printed out.
5.17 ACC only accept Artwork format such as Adobe Illustrator (ai), Adobe Photoshop (psd), PDF, JPG, TIFF. We do not advise ACC member upload a CoralDraw (cdr)file, or the PDF file create by the cdr. Because some time the different version of the software may create the different outcome for the printing result. ACC members must save the CDR file into JPG format. If the ACC members still upload CoralDraw (cdr) format or the PDF file create by CDR, ACC will assume the customer is willing to bear the risk of printing, and ACC staff will not give additional notice, ACC will not make compensation in this case.
5.18 ACC does not allow our customer service team to edit/change your artwork. If you insist to request our customer service team to edit/change the artwork, ACC will not be responsible in this issue whereby customer cannot claim any loses from ACC. In this case, all the consequences/faulty/loses are bearable by the customer due to the agreement between you and the customer service officer.

6. General Expectation on Printing Outcome
6.1 Colour reproduction or accuracy is generally subject to the limitations of gang-run printing method. Therefore, the accuracy of colour reproduction is NOT guaranteed as stipulated in our Colour Disclaimer (clause #7).
6.2 ACC cannot be held liable for colour variations between jobs printed in different batches at different ordering periods.
6.3 Tolerance of the cutting edge and diecut is +- 2mm.
6.3.1 Base on term (6.3) we highly recommend customer not to do manuscript frame or border design, if customer insists to have this kind of design, ACC will not take the responsibility to pay complaints for asymmetric such as shifted or unbalanced.
6.4 Printed surface dotted with dirt shall not be more than 1 dot per 5cm2 and the dot shall not be bigger than 0.3mm.

6.5 For products with Spot UV finishing, tolerance of registration is +-0.25mm. Member may not reject order if Spot UV defects affect only 2% or below of the printed quantity per order.

6.6 ACC will free water base varnish for Art Card 260gsm to improve the quality of the goods. Art card with water base varnish are not suitable for stamping and writing. Therefor ACC will not accept any claim/replacement/refund being complaint on the above matter.

6.6.1 Free water base varnish on Art Card 260gsm will only apply base on the condition for the water base varnish machine. No complaint will be entertain if the water base varnish failed to apply to any art card due to the machine issue.

6.6.2 ACC reserve the right to stop supply water base varnish any time without notice. 
6.6.3 Digital product of material art card 260gsm is not able to free water based varnish.

7. Colour Disclaimer

In order to provide a cheaper end cost to our members and a quicker turnaround of the printed matter, ACC groups together CMYK work. This form of printing referred to as “gang-run printing” or “batch printing” is used for the printing of ACC’s standard products, and marginal variations are to be expected from one print run to another.
As such, while we take great effort to match colours as accurately as possible, we cannot be held liable for these marginal colour variations or inaccuracies in the printed matter which may be more evident in reprints.
A 100% exact colour match is not possible. The most accurate means of colour matching entails printing the job in isolation (entire-run print) as a stand alone job. This means of printing should be supported by contract proofing and will result in the print cost of the job being significantly greater.

8. Product Replacement
If you are not satisfied with any product, please e-mail to within 7 working days of receiving your order.
Please include your Member number, order number and reason for dissatisfaction. If you have not received your order within the specified delivery time, please contact Customer Service/Complaint Officer (FEEDBACK) not later than 7 working days from the date of the specified delivery time. Our team will review your complaint and work with you to meet your expectations. PLEASE NOTE: We will only reprint of any print job that fails to meet the conditions under the General Expectation on Printing Outcome (Terms & Conditions, clause #6). However, we are not responsible for typing, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the artwork/document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, ACC does not review artwork/documents for content or spelling. In no way shall either Advance Corporation Sdn. Bhd. or its subsidiaries, officers, directors, shareholders or employees be liable for any special incidents, indirect or consequential damages, mistakes or rejects of any kind whether or not the party has been advised of the possibility of such damages or rejects arising out of or related to an ACC Member's action(s). The terms and conditions constitute all terms and agreements relating to Members participating in the ACC Member Program.

9. Privacy Policy
9.1 We collect information to process your order, guide and enhance your online experience and to supply you with information in which you have expressed an interest.
9.2 At any time you can edit your account details and email address.
9.3 When you log in we collect name and address, telephone, email address, user name and password. This provides us with default details for your order processing and sets up security - so viewing of your account details, designs and order history is password protected.
9.4 To help you choose the right product and design to suit your purpose/business we ask you to make selections and choices - Only the design details are collected if you choose to save or order.
9.5 When you order we allocate you a customer number, capture order details to process and fulfill your order. Invoicing address and shipping address are retained when you register as a member so you do not have to enter them again. Order details are retained so you can view your order history.

10. Designer Recommendation
10.1 Recommendation of art work designer is open to anyone whose doesn’t know to do artwork finishing.
10.2 To request the designer recommendation, you need to fill in the online request form; however, approval of recommendation is subject to the discretion of the management of Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
10.3 Designer recommendation will give according to member location. For example, Penang area’s designer will recommend to same area’s members.
10.4 ACC is not responsible on any due between members and designer recommended.




请在注册或交易前阅读以下条规。ACC有权于任何时间及无通知 ACC顾客(以下简称会员或会员们〕下更改以下内容。身为ACC会员,您有责任注意隨時修改或變更条列与条规,以便完全明白您的会员资格与权力。

1 会员条规
1.1 本计划公开予任何人。惟会员资格需经Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.管理的核准。
1.2 Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.的管理层有权利在无偏见的判断之下拒绝会员申请或终止会员资格。
1.3 欲参与本计划者必须先登入ACC网站 填写网上申请表格。
1.4 每位会员只能拥有一个账户(网上会员户口)。
1.5 启动户口无需费用,但每项订购都必须先付款后送印。(欲知预付系统操作,请参见本网页第3条规)。
1.6 新注册的会员将获发予正式的‘会员编号’以便向ACC订货,此‘会员编号’绝对不可转让,除了会员本身以外,决不可外泄予非会员及其他ACC会员。
1.7会员可随时终止会员资格。会员能将账户里的余款用完,恕不被退还。会员籍终止申请需以书信通知Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.以作证件。

2. 订货 / 操作
2.1 ACC会员必须对自身的顾客负全责,包括会员和顾客之间的任何交易及收取款项。
2.2 ACC不会接受会员的顾客直接订货。
2.3 任何订购都必须通过上网提呈,或亲临我们的门市柜台。(网上订购程序请参见ACC网页)
2.4 ACC有权拒绝不符合ACC会员手册及ACC网站所指定的产品标准的订购。
2.5 任何订购一旦呈交就不可被撤销或更改。但若会员坚持撤销订购,ACC有权收取处理费。此处理费将自动从会员账户扣除。 若会员账户不足扣除, 此会员将被禁任何订购及失去会员特权直到剩余数目繳还。若不遵守,ACC有权不需通知废除会员资格及取消帐户预付款数。此会员也会被禁重新注册。
2.6 若印刷费超出会员账户里拥有的数额,订购不会被处理。会员需先添加足够的预付款额以继续订购。
2.7 ACC只为其会员提供印刷服务。
2.8 ACC不提供色彩校对或审阅服务。
2.9 ACC 会员可从会员网页中可查询及打印出每日更新的账户结单。
2.10 ACC M300及VIP3K会员们的户口里需拥有足够的预付款额以进行订购。
2.11 ACC将对于任何付款伪造欺骗的会员采取法律行动。我们将中止会员籍及继续使用任何 ACC 的服务。
2.12 任何现金会员欲订购邮寄名片(Courier Name Card)及享用我们的邮寄送货服务,都必须在备注栏注明出货方式为[送货]/[邮寄]。

3. 付款 / 现金预付
3.1 ACC采用预付系统,订单将从预付款额中扣除。当繳交会员预付款时,ACC 会员需传真汇款单据或资金转帐副本连同会员资料于ACC。
3.2 繳交会员预付款:
CIMB Bank: 8600 13 1277.
(ii) 划线支票至ADVANCE CELL CORPORATION SDN. BHD.及汇入ACC 户口:CIMB Bank: 8600 13 1277.
(iii) 银行转账至 CIMB 户口。
3.3 一旦支票在银行过账后,现金存款或资金转帐的银行证实,ACC管理层的核准后,ACC 会员账户将会被启动。
3.4 最低预付款额:(根据会员等级而定)
i) 现金会员 = 该次消费总额。
ii) M300会员 = RM300起。加额的数额以RM300倍数增加。(例:+RM300, +RM600, +RM900,
+RM1,200, +RM1,500等额)
iii) VIP3K会员= RM3000起。加额的数额以RM3000倍数增加。(例:+RM3,000, +RM6,000, +RM9,000,+RM12,000等额)
3.4 无论是以现金/ 支票或网上转账方式支付,会员必须将汇款单据或票单并写上贵公司宝号传真至ACC作为付款证明。
3.5 ACC将供付款或加额收据。
3.6 若会员的户口在最后一项交易后的2年内处于不活动状态,会员所汇入的款项/预付现金将自动被充公,同时会员籍将被自动取消。
3.7 若会员方欲终止合约,会员户口内的余额将不被退还,但会员能将余额用完。任何一方若欲废除会员资格需以书信为证。

4. 价格 / 运送
4.1 所有产品价格(另行声明除外)将以四色印刷价格为准。
4.2 只有M300及VIP3K会员能享有区域性* 免收费运送服务。
4.2a Courier Name Card的收费是已包含运费,所有网络会员(包挂现金客)都能订购。
4.3 同样订单重印的价格将保持不变,根据价钱表内价钱计算。
4.4 服务,产品及价格将不时更改。
4.5 所有产品将由ACC指定的快递公司寄送予会员。
4.6 ACC不会代表会员与其顾客交涉。
4.7 ACC只接受当会员自选紧急订购时,安排紧急寄送的要求。会员必须以书信或电话通知我们的客服人员关于任何急件的处理,急件费将被征收。
4.8 ACC 只提供免费运送到会员同区域的地址。(例:西马会员只能在西马享受免费运送)
4.9 一切货物将直接运送予会员,或会员亲临ACC办事处领取。
4.10 运送至ACC会员的产品,将依ACC的标准包装及附上印刷样板于包装外。产品一旦送出,任何产品的损坏,ACC不会为其负责任。若产品印刷品质或数目有所差误, 会员可联络ACC顾客服务以作投诉。
4.11 顾客必须要一个月内领取印好的的货物,否则过期的货物将会被送到废物回收,如此情况,顾客不得要求补印或退款。

5. 准备完稿设计档案 / 传送
5.1 所有完稿设计必须根据每项订单分开储存。
5.2 所有完稿设计可透过上网传送。(请前往下载区下载相关的完稿设计规格,以了解如何准备正确的完稿设计档案)。
5.3 基于不同的荧幕的色彩呈现度不一,成品的印刷色彩可能有别于荧幕色彩。所以若会员只靠荧幕色彩而不是ACC的传统柯式颜色图表指南来定成品颜色,ACC将不会为成品颜色差异负责。
5.4 为了避免延期等不便,会员必须确保所呈交的完稿设计完全符合所有的ACC规格,设定和格式。
5.5 若会员呈交的完稿设计不符合ACC完稿设计规格:
5.5.1 ACC将会把订单暂停或取消,但在做此动作前,ACC客服人员会通知顾客并取得顾客同意。
5.5.2 接到ACC的通知后,会员需重新上传正确的完稿。(注:交货日期会以ACC收到完稿日期而定。)
5.5.3 在此情况下取消之订单将不会被征收任何费用。
5.5.4 若会员坚持继续印刷,会员将完全承担后果。ACC将不对任何的印刷成品承担责任。
5.5.5 若会员在做订购时犯了错误, 例如: 不小心的递交两次同样订单, 他/她必须立刻通知ACC 客户服务以纠正错误。ACC不会对会员的疏忽后果做出任何负责。
5.6 ACC不会对于完稿出错却没有被探测到而做出负责。
5.7 完稿设计一旦呈交上ACC印刷就不可再更改。 唯有接到ACC错误通知的修改会被接受。(可能须付额外费用)
5.8 会员在任何的稿件重复印刷时,都必须重新上传完稿设计。
5.9 若会员的完稿设计带有违法版权内容,ACC一概不负责。
5.10 ACC决不承印带有侵害性字眼或图片的印刷产品。
5.11 本公司承攬客戶之印件,客戶須保證其委託印刷具有合法權並絕無侵害他人智慧財產或其他任何權利;倘有第三者主張權利時,應由客戶出面解決,所有律師費、訴訟費等皆由客戶自行負責,且須賠償本公司因此所致一切損害。
5.17 ACC只接受稿件格式为Adobe Illustrator (ai), Adobe Photoshop (psd), PDF, JPG, TIFF。不建议ACC会员传送CoralDraw(cdr)稿件,或由cdr格式转为PDF格式的稿件。因为软件版本不同将会造成印刷成品出现问题。因此请ACC会员自行另存为JPG格式。如果ACC 会员依然传送CoralDraw(cdr)格式或由cdr格式转为PDF格式的稿件,将视为客户愿意自行承担印刷风险,ACC员工无需另行通知,ACC也不会作出赔偿。

5.18 ACC客服团队不允许编辑/更改您的设计图稿。 如果您坚持要求我们的客户服务团队编辑/更改设计图稿,ACC将不会对此事所造成的后果作出负责,客户不能向ACC索取任何损失或赔偿。 在这种情况下,所有后果/错误/损失由顾客自己承担。这是因为您与客服人员之间私底下的协议。

6. 印刷成品的一般状况
6.1 重印的颜色准确性将有赖于合版印刷法的拘限。因此,我们不保证重印的颜色一致性,如同在我们的色彩声明中所摘录的(参考第7条列)。
6.2 ACC将控制同一批印刷的色彩一致性,对于不同订购期间的不同批印刷所发现的颜色区别,我们将不负任何责任。
6.3 裁切边缘和刀模裁割的相容性为2厘米左右。
6.3.1 故本公司不建議客戶設計有框架之圖案,若客戶有如此設計,本公司將不對裁切偏移或設計框架四邊不對稱負責。一切相關投訴將不受理。
6.4 印刷表面因沾附尘埃形成的点状机率极低,一般上约每5平方公分的印刷面积只有一个点,每一点面积不超过0.3厘米。
6.5 局部UV上光加工产品的套准相容性为+-0.25mm。当局部UV加工印刷订购的不良品率少于2%时,会员无权退货。

6.6 ACCArt Card 260gsm基本上会免费附送水性上光(water base varnish)以提高货物的品质。然而含有水性上光之Art Card 260gsm并不适用于部分后期加工如套印流水號,或盖印章及書寫等等。如果因水性上光造成加工失败,ACC将不会付任何的責任。因此没有附送,ACC深感抱歉,但不会作出赔偿。
6.6.1 免费附送水性上光的情况只适用于水性上光的机器良好(无故障)的情况下。若因机器故障或其他无法预测之原因导致无法附送水性上光,ACC将不接受任何相关的投诉。
6.6.2 ACC将保留在任何时候停止附送水性上光的权力。并不另行通知。
6.6.3 DIGITAL产品的Art Card 260gsm没有免费水性上光。

7. 色彩声明
为了提供较低的印刷成本及更快的印刷过程时间, ACC集合了四色的印刷工作一并印刷,此类印刷法通称‘合版印刷’。基于此,每一批的印刷将可能出现色调微差异。
因此, 在我们极力的控制色彩的准确性,我们将不对此类的微差异负起责任,尤其是重印的成品比较。

8. 产品退还 / 补印
如果您对任何产品不满意, 请在收到货物的7个工作日内电邮或打电话至客户服务。请注明您的会员编号,订单编号和不满的原因。如果您在指定的交货时间之内尚未接获您的订单, 请在指定的交货日期的7 个工作日内通过客服信箱(FEEDBACK)联络我们。我们的客户服务部将慎重处理您的要求。
请注意: 除非无法达到'第6项条规'的产品,我们才将重印或原银退还。但是, 我们将不负责顾客完稿的文字键入,图象, 或设计的错误。为了保留顾客的成本及一切不必要的费用,ACC 将不负责过滤完稿中的内容或字体拼写。Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd. 或其附属机构、职员、董事、股东或员工决不负责与会员合同相关,或因有关合同衍生出的特别事件,间接性或延续性损失,错误或退还,无论损失者有否被告知上述情况出现的可能性。

9. 投稿于 ACC 网站
虽然会员被邀请在ACC网站投稿(包括任何文本、相片、图表、录影或音像),会员需在投稿时同意授予Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.永久、免办税、非专属,再次许可的版权以使用、重版、修改、出版、翻译、更改、发行、演绎、播放、公布于众。 ACC保留所有版权和知名权以把这些作品分布全球和/或与其他任何现有或将有的媒介合并,根据ACC隐私权政策所定的隐私制约。
若会员不愿如上授权于ACC, 请不要在ACC网站投稿。

10 完稿设计师推荐
10.1 完稿设计师推荐是提供给所有需要完稿设计师帮助完稿的会员。
10.2 会员必须通过填写表格的方式征求完稿设计师,无论如何推荐与否的决定权在于Advance Cell Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
10.3 完稿设计师推荐将会根据会员的所在地点推荐。咧:如果会员的所在地是槟城,那槟城的完稿设计师将被推荐。
10.4 ACC将不会对会员与完稿设计师之间的任何交易负责任。


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